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When I was looking to change a Joomla-based ecommerce site over to OpenCart, I found a world of support and answers from the OpenCart community but what I really needed was some step-by-step instructions to take me through the basic setup and configuration of my site.

I found bits and pieces here, and answers to my questions there, but I couldn’t find a single resource to take me through the process step by step.  Realising that my installation would have been much easier if such a resource existed, I thought it might benefit other new OpenCart users if I recorded my experience of installing and configuring my OpenCart store.

I’ve produced a series of guides or tutorials based on my experiences that are designed to help a new OpenCart user to quickly setup up their ecommerce store.

If you find points that you feel could be better explained then please let me know by leaving a comment on the particular tutorial.  I’ll then edit it accordingly to improve the overall site for the next user.

Thanks and good luck.


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  1. Thanks SO much for creating this site, it is very helpful indeed….


  2. Thanks for your website — it has proved useful

    as an fellow Austrailan user can i make a request

    can you provide a tutorial to show how to set up Geozones and taxes for the Australian context?


  3. Hi Gaetan.

    Just a quick one. I have gone through a hand full of moonlighters to design me a website. sadly i have failed in all respects – not so much beacuse of the money issue, rather incompetence and the typical – OH no that is too expensive!! or I dont like using someone elses code, so we have to start from scratch… . I intend to take the challenge up myself now on my own. In short I can just about get around Outlook, Excel and Word and that is pretty much that – i have no coding or web development CLUE. Would I be too daring to take this task up myself or is it as easy as what i think it is? I need help and dont know where to go as all the private coders are few and the large web builders are just mad with their fees and end up using share ware anyway!! so where do you suggest i go from here? any help or advise would be awesome!!

    • Hi Martin

      Sounds like it would be a steep learning curve but potentially rewarding.

      I also know very little about coding and tried to undertake my own website’s design once. I very quickly realised that I did not have the skills to create a site that looked and functioned exactly how I wanted. My efforts resulted in a working website but one that didn’t have any of the design or feature polish of a professional design. If I had spent the time to improve my skills the cost would have been greater than hiring a designer.

      You could post your request on an online freelance site, or even ask at the OpenCart forums? Alternatively there are a lot of predesigned themes available very cheaply for OpenCart. One of my sites, uses a predesigned theme from ThemeForest.

      Good luck.

  4. Great Tutorial
    I thought that there was a need for a comprehensive tutorial such as this.
    OpenCart documentation is very sparse.
    Many of the other tutorial sites are really just trying to sell you their system sand services.

    Now you just need to add a section of Layouts.
    Specifically how to alter the default layout that comes with OpenCart.

    The ebook tutorial for sale only has 2 pages on this, so I can tell it will not be very helpful.

    It is very hard to understand how it all fits together.
    I know a bit about html etc.

    Keep it up

    • Thanks Digby

      I still have a hard time getting my head around the use of layouts. And because I don’t make use of them I quickly forget what little I’ve learned.

      I once found a post at the OpenCart forums that explained the layout system really well. I’ll check my notes for the link to the post and put it up here. It will explain it all very well, and far better than I can.

      When I first started with OpenCart I bought the ebook and read it cover to cover. It helped in a lot of ways but I still had to resort to searching for answers on the forums so I understand your concern.

  5. What about payments? Shipping? I have my store all set, but i feel like im missing something.

    • Hi Josh

      I got busy with the business of my own sites and fell behind in documenting the process of installation sorry. I intend to write some guides on both payments and shipping but I haven’t a timeline for their publication.

  6. My products are not coming at front page

  7. Please Help me, my Products are not show at front page, how to use features

    • Hi Fahad

      Step by step.
      Install the Featured module.
      Add the products within the module you want to include using the autocomplete text box at the top of the page.
      Then click ‘Add Module’ toward the bottom of the page and enter the required details including image size, layout (you want to select home if you want an instance of the Featured Products module to appear on your home page), position, status (obviously enabled if you want it to show), and sort order.
      You need to ‘Add Module’ and complete these details for every instance of the module you wish to appear throughout your site.
      Good luck.

  8. Hi Kim

    I’m glad they’ve helped – at least in a small way – but as to your problems I don’t have the answer to either I’m sorry.

    If your domain is different to the location of your original installation then you will have to move the installed OpenCart files but there is likely to be more to it than simply cut and paste.

    In product catalogues you’ve gone further than I have with OpenCart. Perhaps you should be writing the tutorials!

    If you haven’t already, search for the solutions or post the questions at the OpenCart forums. I’m sure you’ll find a solution there.

  9. I am still not sure how to do clean urls and Module system is so confusing, if you please make a tutorial step by step, please help me

  10. i tried to install themes in open cart v1.5.3 but it is not installed yet. please let me know how to install it.

  11. Hi,

    After installing opencart 1.5.2 I am getting the 404 error, no matter what I do. What did I do wrong? I have been trying to trouble shoot it for a day (straight) now and would like to just get this over with before it drives me crazy.


    • Hi Brandon

      I don’t know what is causing your error. A 404 error occurs when your client (browser) cannot find the requested url (address you entered in to the browser). The obvious check to make is whether you are entering the correct url. In this vein I don’t know whether prefixing the address with (or without) www. will make a difference? Perhaps you’ve installed into a directory other than the root?

      At the least, I would also contact your host with a support request.

  12. I need to remove the text on the footer of my opencart web site ‘powered by Opencart’
    How do i do that? Please help

  13. Hi,
    I am trying to upgrade my opencart from a 1.4.9 to the latest version which is I have tried to follow the steps on the upgrade.txt but it did not work. I was not sure on step two of the upgrade when it says to Uploade ALL new files on top of your current install Except config.php and admin/config.php. With this step I was not sure if I was supposed to copy and replace all the files inside the upload folder with my files or if I was supposed to just transfer the whole upload folder without any changes directly to my public_html folder. If you can please help me out a bit that would be awesome.

    Thanks in Advance